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Orders are subject to manual confirmation so a short delay may be experienced between purchase and delivery or download. Please allow 24 hours for processing. If, after this time, your Order is not available please contact with your order number (i.e. #123456-123456-1234). Passwords for products requiring them are sent after Administrative Payment/Order Confirmation. For further details see our FAQ page.

Important: some customers using PayPal may encounter a "Failed Order" message upon completion. For more information about, and solution for, this issue please read the FAQ here.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Why can't I download my Order right away?.
  2. I can't open my files, it's asking for a Password?.
  3. I get a "0 bytes" error when opening my files?.
  4. Are the Products DRM protected?.
  5. Can I copy my purchase to other devices?.
  6. I'm a Teacher / Educator and want to use "X" in my Class. Is that possible?.
  7. My Order is "Pending" or showing as "Cancelled" / "Failed"?.
  8. Using Download Managers?.
  9. Failed Download/Download Attempts?.
  10. Order/Product Download Confirmation?.
  11. "Link has expired or is not valid" warning when trying to download?.
  12. Why can't I purchase KatsBits eBooks from iTunes, Amazon or places other stores?.
  13. Are the eBooks available in hard copy / print form?.
  14. I'm having login problems/Can't log in to my Account?.
  15. I've not received any Order Confirmation or other emails?.
  16. Why do you need my shipping and handling information?.


  1. Why can't I download my order right away? ^
    The primary payment gateway used by KatsBits Store requires each order be processed manually. As a result there may be a short delay between time of placing an order and receipt or availability of goods (for download or physical delivery), anything between a few minutes to an hour or two depending on your geographical location and time of day at order. If after at least 8 hours, to allow for major time differences, a digital order has not yet been received, contact KatsBits on (quote order number).

  2. I can't open my files, it's asking for a Password? ^
    Downloadable products, PDF's, eBooks and other 'virtual' products in particular, are password (but not DRM) protected for general security. Passwords are not sent at time of Order but once administrative Payment Confirmation is complete. As this is a manual process it may mean a short delay is experienced between order, delivery and the files being available for use. If the necessary information to facilitate this has not been received 24 hours after purchase, contact quoting the Order Number (e.g. #123456-1234-1234).

  3. I get a "0 Bytes" error when opening my files? ^
    The "0 Bytes" ("zero bytes") error occurs when a download has taken place before an order has been manually confirmed (this can take anywhere from a few minutes to an our or two depending on your location and time of day at order placement). Although a download will be immediately available, for security purposes it won't contain the actual product purchased, instead it will be an 'empty' file. Once an order is confirmed, an email notice is sent after which proper download can take place. If any issues are encountered, contact quoting the Order Number (e.g. #123456-1234-1234).

  4. Are the Products DRM protected? ^
    No. Digital Rights Management systems, "DRM", are too restrictive and do not allow product use over a the widest possible range of device and Geographical Locations - products using DRM will often only work on "X" device in "Y" Country. Having said this most, if not all, products available in KatsBits Store are password protected for general security or feature protection but it is not utilised in a way that prevents access once used (PDF's are the exception - a password is required for each High Resolution printing session). Contact with questions about this topic.

  5. Can I Transfer my purchase to other devices? ^
    So long as those devices belong to the individual who made the purchase, or the purchase was made for (buying a gift for example). Essentially product purchase is a Grant Of Licence or sorts, i.e. items are purchase on the assumption they are for a specific individual and their respective use so the Grant Of Licence applies in that context (a single individual using the files for themselves). With that said, generally speaking the format chosen allows items to be accessible on any supported device the Purchaser has access to so there are not general restriction on the individual transferring item to other devices that belong to them. To 'give' or 'transfer' items to an individual other than the purchaser (unless purchased for said originally), additional copies will need to be bought per number of users.

  6. I'm a Teacher / Educator and want to use "X" in my Class. Is that possible? ^
    Generally speaking Yes. Single copies of a given product can be used as 'show and tell' teaching aids but if Students are expected to 'own' copies of the materials purchase will be necessary - this can be done individually or as part of a 'bulk buy' via the Educator. For more information on the latter (not ordinarily available via the Store) contact

  7. My Order is "Pending" or showing as "Cancelled" / "Failed"? ^
    Orders are manually processed and verified so may temporarily display an order status of "Pending", or in some rare instances as "Cancelled" or "Failed". If your payment provider indicates payment was sent it means the order has gone through but is yet to be verified and processed by KatsBits Store. Please allow 24 hours for the order process to complete before contacting (remember to include the order(s) number(s) or other details where required).
    Important note: due to changes in the way PayPal processes payments some customers may encounter "Failed" order message/s when returning to the store after purchase even though funds may have been debited from the associated PayPal/Card account. Should this happen please send an email in the first instance to quoting either an Order No. (e.g., #123456-123456-1234) and/or reply to the Order Receipt, for manual order confirmation and processing. Sincere apologies for any inconvenience this may cause.

    Solution: if a "Failed" order message is received;
    1) first check that payment has been debited from the account used to make the purchase. If it has;

    2) next check for an 'Order Confirmation' email message from KatsBits Store containing order information and download links - if this has been received products can be downloaded as normal (the order has been successfully completed).

    3) if payment has been debited but no confirmation received, get in touch with quoting the Order No. (e.g. #123456-123456-1234) for manual processing.

    4) if payment has not been debited and no confirmation received, wait a few moments and re-check PayPal before then contacting with your Order No. for manual processing.
  8. Using Download Managers? ^
    KatsBits digital delivery system serves products indirectly which can cause issues for Download Managers software. To avoid problems obtaining items after purchase it is recommended that Download Management app's NOT be used. Should any problems be encountered, get in touch with support via (remember to included your order No. and/or other details where necessary).

  9. Failed Download/Download Attempts? ^
    To grant customers access to their purchases, downloads are generally subject to a limited number of logged attempts. If any failures occur during download or download attempts are used up (without purchase delivery) please get in touch with outlining the issue (remember to included your order No. and/or other details where necessary).

  10. Order/Product Download Confirmation? ^
    Purchases can be retrieved via an email sent to the address on account or by accessing "Order History" from the account manager - please note product links are time sensitive and subject to expiration. For issues with downloads or product access contact outlining the issue (remember to included your order No. and/or other details where necessary).

  11. "Link has expired or is not valid" warning when trying to download? ^
    The "Link has expired or is not valid" warning occurs mainly for one of two reasons;

    • 1) As all purchases are checked and authorised manually a short delay between purchase and download availability may occur. Where this happens KatsBits Store will display an warning informing the recipient the download link has expired or is not valid. Normally once an order has been Authorised content will then be available automatically (a notification message is sent to this affect). If purchase is not available after a 24 hrs period please do contact, quoting the relevant order number.

    • 2) Download an order after purchase is dependant on the integrity of links received in the "Order Confirmation" Email. Due to Email client display limitations, these links may occasionally 'break', resulting in a partial or incomplete URL's so when clicked the aforementioned error occurs. Should this happen, copy/pasting the link from the "Order Confirmation" Email into a web browser is normally sufficient to complete the download process - note: the URL is unique so be sure to copy/paste the entire string. If this fails contact, quoting the relevant order number.

  12. Why can't I purchase KatsBits eBooks from iTunes, Amazon or places other stores? ^
    The simple answer is two-fold.

    - Control: as part of the service agreement, Amazon (in particular), iTunes etc. require products not be sold on other platforms, including our own.
    - Costs: broadly speaking it's too expensive due to various fee and payment schedules and with-holding.

    When making purchases direct from KatsBits Store every penny is reinvested back into providing more quality content, something that can only be done to a limited extent using third-party sales and distribution channels like iTunes, Amazon et-al. Overall although there is a certain degree of caché to having material available on iTunes, Amazon et-al, it serves them to a greater extent than it does our customers (you) or ourselves.

  13. Are the eBooks available in hard copy / print form? ^
    As of yet, no. eBooks, that is PDF, ePub and Mobi files, are the most cost effective means through which written material can be published and made available, as they are, on all manner of devices supporting the now common formats. Printing, whist it does carry a certain degree of cache, is far less cost effective for you and us as most of the purchase price is consumed with production, storage and distribution (especially over-seas). In similar vein to the point above concerning the use of third-party sales and distribution channels, printing books benefits other third parties more than it does you as a customer and us as a content provider.

  14. I'm having login issues/Can't log into my account/Can't find my previous orders? ^
    Due to a database upgrade error, as of December 2014 accounts registered between between Aug 2013 and Dec 2014 are no longer accessible. Account re-registration is necessary to make further purchases. For support with old orders contact with an Order Number (e.g. #123456-1234-1234).

  15. I've not received any emails? ^
    If you don't receive Order Confirmation or other mail from KatsBits Store after purchase it's likely its being blocked or filtered by your Mail Service Provider (Gmail, Outlook etc.) based on your email accounts 'spam' settings - set too high and mail from addresses for which there is no previous communication history can be blocked or deleted by your Mail Service Provider without notification. More common is that your Mail Service Provider has placed them in a "Spam" or "Deleted" messages folder, again depending on Account settings. To avoid this problem add "" and "" to your mail accounts 'allowed senders' list (otherwise known as a "White List"). If none of the aforementioned is possible, Orders can be checked by logging into your KatsBits Store Account (same details as those used to create the account), or your PayPal where the transaction can be checked for an Order Number (e.g. #123456-1234-1234 - usually within the body of the message PayPal send to you confirming purchase) - send this to

  16. Why do you need my Shipping & Handling information? ^
    Although most of our products are digital, some may requires Shipping & Handling information to facilitate delivery by mail. Without this information orders cannot be sent. Order that require this will be indicated. Primarily however, Shipping & Handling information is required for Identity Confirmation Purposes, many Card Holders, Payment Gateways and Providers will not for example, allow purchases from anyone other than the individual named on a Card, so when ordering details need to match else the transaction fails to complete. The information also help with communication allowing us to communicate with Customers directly.
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