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Domain Renewal Group scam

It appears that the owners of Domain Registry of America haven't learnt their lesson and are still trying to pass themselves of as legitimate business, this time by a simple name change to the "Domain Renewal Group". If you get one of these letters, bin it, it's NOT worth the paper it written on. If you act on it you will find yourself in a lot of hot water over the ownership of what is in effect your intellectual property - your domain name.

If you want to find out more on this lot, just search for "Domain Renewal Group", "Domain Registry of America", "Domain Registry of Europe" or "Domain Registry of Canada" or "Registration Services Incorporated[*]", as you can see, quite a 'mobile' company that even has an FTC injunction out against them, hence the business name change.

Same business, same practices, same dodgy dealings, same address, same people, different business name.

Identical letter from Domain Renewal Group,  a reincarnation of the Domain Registry of America scam
Identical letter from Domian Renewal Group, a reincarnation of the Domain Registry of America scam
Domain Registry of America scam
Domain Registry of America official looking scam letter

Posted on 22 May 2009 by kat

Calgari TrueSpace to be discontinued

Calgari TrueSpace is to be discontinued. Microsoft, who bought the 3D application some time ago, cited "tough economic times" as the reason for the decision. So... if you've not got a copy of this 'original' (for those that don't know TrueSpace has a long history as a 3D application) pop over to and download a copy to archive/use before the site closes, hopefully not for good.

Posted on 21 May 2009 by kat

Low poly *.ase WWII Tanks & Vehicles

Haven't added any models to the site for a long time so... I just added some new ase models to the models download page - a set of five (5) WWII tanks and vehicles. These are 'blanks' in that they are textured with a simple wire-frame image so custom textures can be made for them, depending on the 'theatre' of war they are being set in to.

Zip file includes five (5) *.ase low poly game models, mainly British/Allied hardware, plus ambient occlusion and wire-frame maps for use when making textures.

I've also updated the Kubalwagon so it's now available as an ASE file instead of/as well as an MD3, that way the file itself can be edited to point to the correct glass shader used for the window (which is still being pulled from default game assets).

low poly ase models
Low poly ase WWII tanks and vehicles

Posted on 18 May 2009 by kat

QuakeLive, custom maps and levels a possibility

May be possible to create custom maps and levels for QuakeLive at some point in the future, at least according to this post on the QuakeLive forums by SyncError. As QL uses Quake 3 tech it's safe to say that a majority of work can be done with GTKRadiant now and then tweaked specifically once ZeroRadiant and the SDK is released. This is officially un-confirmed (ie. idsoftware has not yet made any official announcement to the effect that custom content will be permitted in QL) so treat it as such.

Posted on 16 May 2009 by kat

Wolfenstein, music and Bill Brown

If you liked the music from Return to Castle Wolfenstein then you'll definately like hearing news that Bill Brown, the composer for RtCW, is to work on the music for the up coming Wolfenstein title from Raven.

"Bill was the natural choice to create a soundtrack that emphasizes the fast-paced action of Wolfenstein while enhancing the overall mood during key moments and getting players fully immersed in the adventure," says Kevin Cloud, executive producer at id Software.

"Bill crafted the perfect soundtrack when we previously worked together on Return to Castle Wolfenstein and his experience and passion for the franchise will once again allow him to deliver an incredible score that draws the player deeper into the Wolfenstein universe."

Ooo trivia. Did you know that Messers Brown also worked on the music for Quake Wars? He's worked on quite a few id titles as a matter of fact; Quake II, Quake III, RtCW:ET, RtCW, ET:QW and now Wolfenstein.

Posted on 13 May 2009 by kat

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